Hyips using Paypal as a Mode of Payment

I have decided to write about hyips using Paypal to clear the doubts most investors have about Paypal and Hyips.

Perhaps, you’ve come to this blog to invest in any Hyip that allows Paypal as its mode of Payment. I can boldly tell you that you never knew that it’s against Paypal’s terms and conditions to do business with High yield investment programs.

I know pretty well that Paypal is the most secure and safest way of accepting online payments easily.  Nothing would have stopped Paypal from accepting payments from any hyip program but  they consider every Hyip as a Ponzi scheme and therefore would not allow them to do business with Paypal.  This they’ve done not knowing that there’s a difference between a hyip and a Ponzi scheme.

We’ve realized that this has had negative impact on hyip investors who use Paypal regular for their online payments. They have been forced to use other e-currencies like Perfect Money, Ego Pay, SolidTrustPay e.t.c for their business with every high yield investment program.

These e-currencies are not like Paypal because all transaction made with them are final and cannot be refunded. But with Paypal, any transaction that appears fraudulent will be investigated further by their investigation Panel and proper refund issued to the right owner.

Sadly, if you have to be a hyip investor, you don’t have to conider Paypal as a mode of payment because you will hardly find any hyip that accepts Paypal as a payment processor.hyips using paypal

Hyips don’t also accept Paypal because they know that if they do, they might lose all their funds to Paypal.

Assuming that a high yield investment programs start accepting Paypal as a form of payment and that particular hyip admin escape with the investor’s funds. The investors will file a complain against them on Paypal and Paypal will finally take action by refunding the investors and freezing the Hyip’s Paypal account. Therefore, the hyip admin will have nothing to gain but all to lose.
This is the #1 reason why most hyips don’t accept Paypal.

On the part of an investor, Paypal may decide to punish the investor by freezing their account because they’ve violated their terms of agreement. As a hyip investor, you may lose all your Paypal funds due to this singular action.

As you can see, it’s safer for both the hyip admin and the hyip investor to use other e-currency providers other than Paypal for Hyip investing. This is why most use e-currencies like PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay.


Both Paypal hyips and non-paypal hyips will one day go offline and scam (run away with your money) but i want to introduce to you a quick way to make money online apart from investing in hyips.

It is called binary options trading similar to forex trading.

In binary options trading, you can make money in as little as one minute on a regular basis making it more profitable than your regular hyip investing.

Besides, in Binary Options, there’s no need to fear about scam as you money is secure and you can withdraw your capital anytime you wish.

Instead of throwing your money away in hyips, invest it in binary options and count in profits on a daily basis.

Since you may be entirely new to this form of trading, you need a software that will trade for you and help you make your money. 

We’ve partnered with the Binary Matrix Pro Software to give you the free signals for trading.

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